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Lumos Student Data Consulting

Portfolio Management is one of the most traditional segments in terms of Data Science applications in the field of Finance. In this article our two members Florian Kollarczik and Florian Leodolter will share a beginner’s guide to perform simple, yet very insightful Portfolio Optimization using Python. We hope you find it as “stonks” as we do.

General Introduction

Portfolio Optimization is the procedure of creating the best possible portfolio for certain underlying assets given defined circumstances. Therefore, this article will serve as guidance in optimizing a portfolio using the Efficient Frontier in Python. …

The broad public understanding of American Football is changing. Fueled by the application of data science, old patterns are broken up and new ideas emerge. In this article our member Christian Steinwender investigates how statistical methods can be used to assess the quality of a quarterback. We hope you enjoy it.

Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash

With the beginning of September, the wait of quite a few Europeans (and basically of all Americans) finally ended. The NFL is back and will start regularly, despite all kind of COVID-19 drama as well as opt-outs of players, and football fans around the world could not be happier…

Lumos Student Data Consulting

Lumos is a student-led Enterprise with a sole focus on Data Science related services based in Vienna. | Feel free to contact us:

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